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San Jose Moving Services is a local moving company that has been providing the best local moving services for more than a decade. Truth to be told, we have started off as a small locally owned business, with just one moving vehicle and a couple of movers, but thanks to our work ethics and our skilled professionals, we have managed to become one of the best movers San Jose can possibly offer.

We have envisioned how the world of moving can look in the future, and we have made it upon ourselves to participate in creating that world. We wanted to change the way people anticipated moving, as unfortunately, there was a point in which the industry wasn’t really in the greatest shape. Due to a lack of organization and professionalism, the hard work movers were providing was placed in a shadow. Well, we have been doing everything in our power to make sure that movers and packers San Jose located take a different approach.

The first thing we’ve decided to do is to expand our moving family by only hiring the best local movers San Jose can possibly offer. People who have been chosen through our recruitment process were only those with the best personal and professional qualities. We always run background checks and drug tests to ensure the people who get in touch with our clients are fully reliable and trustworthy. Our only goal is that our clients feel safe when deciding to go with San Jose Moving Services for their upcoming moving project.

The second most important thing we do is allow our movers to grow and develop their knowledge and skills by getting all the training in polishing the specific skills they have a special interest in. That is why our local movers San Jose are the best movers in all the areas, based on their personal preferences - residential moving, storage moving, labor moving, or packing service.

What you can expect from San Jose Moving Services?

Constant Customer Support

We believe that a local moving company should provide their support throughout the entire moving process, and not only focus on the move day itself. That is why our Sales Representatives and Customer Care Agents are at your service prior to the move, to make sure everything is handled with the utmost care, and every detail is carefully considered. But you can expect their presence after the move as well! Our client's feedback is the resource we use to constantly investigate if the course of our actions is moving towards the right goal.

Time accuracy

When you plan out your moving day in detail, the starting point must be the timing. With San Jose Moving Services, you can schedule your move within our morning or our afternoon arrival window. You can rest assured that the best movers San Jose will always arrive within the scheduled time, fully aware of how important accurate timing is for your overall move success.

Respect and care

We have created a close relationship with our clients, by ensuring our communication is always transparent and honest - whether it is in regards to the services we do or do not provide, our pricing, or any other important information about the move. We don’t think it’s possible to fully participate as a professional local moving company in the industry without having an authentic feeling of respect and care for your clients and their wellbeing.