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One of the longest and most tiring phases of a move is certainly packing. If you haven’t had the experience of packing for a move before, you may be caught in a trap of thinking that such a task is actually not as difficult as we’re presenting it. Trust us, professional packing services nearby exist for a good reason! Even if you haven’t planned on hiring movers, you can still get affordable packing-only services nearby in just a few clicks! Among many companies, it is important that your service providers are high-quality, reliable, and experienced - and with all these qualities mentioned, we believe you can rest assured that San Jose Moving Services provides the best house packing services nearby.


Because our professionals have passed a serious selection process in order to be hired as a part of our moving family. They are all background checked and drug tested, as well as provided with the best training aiming to excel in their skills.

How much do packing services cost?

People often think that in order to get a service of high quality, you need to pay a high price. For some industries that may be the case, but the moving industry doesn’t really function that way. The time when there was one provider of moving, packing and unpacking service nearby is long gone. With so many companies providing packing help nearby, packing services costs need to remain competitive and affordable, which is exactly what you can expect from San Jose Moving Services. Our prices are hourly based, and there are 3 hours of minimum for every moving, packing, or unpacking service nearby project we accommodate. We have always been open and honest about our pricing, we deliver our terms of service in writing as well so you won’t be surprised by any hidden fees at any moment! For any questions you may have - our dedicated team of Customer Care Representatives is there to help you!

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Do not hesitate to hire professional packing help nearby, rather than asking your friends and family for their assistance in this matter - why to get them tired, if we are right here, ready and set to start providing you with the safest services possible, at the most affordable price!

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